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Trunk Rehab – Part 2

Thankful for another day without rain so I could continue the army trunk rehab project. Welcome to Trunk Rehab part 2…

army trunk rehab

I know some of you reading will be disappointed that I didn’t leave the trunk in its oh so cool cleaned-up state. Trust me, I LOVE vintage as well as the industrial look, but marriage requires compromise so I don’t decorate my entire living space this way. I try to find the balance between the styles I love and styles that still feel comfy to the hubs. Besides, the metal would just get all rusty again and make a big mess in the house. I decided to go with grey for the metal trim, but first a good coat of metal primer.

A few hours in the sunshine and it was time for a light sanding to remove all the tiny bits lodged in the crevices. That first coat has a way of making all the imperfections show up. The project was finally getting exciting as the final coat of grey paint was applied. The end is in view…

Then it was off to the fabric store to locate something a bit vintage chic. I love this print from the Tim Holtz line. It has just enough grey and teal to match our décor. I think hubs could have done without the pink, but he’s a good sport!

When I went shopping for the grey spray paint I was hoping to match our existing furniture, but there weren’t too many options in the spray paint aisle. I think this worked out pretty swell.

So if you are wondering about the fabric…

Many years ago I learned this great technique for applying fabric to wood and other surfaces using varnish. I love the way it works and have covered several old suitcases this way. Part 3 of this project will show the details of how I apply the fabric to all the surface areas between the trunk edgings. I couldn’t locate the varnish locally, so I have to wait a few days.

Stay tuned to see the third and final stage of this fun project. I have also added a subscribe option in the sidebar if you prefer to get emails when new posts arrive. Happy creating ya’ll!

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