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Turning 50

Maybe I am breaking some sort of age etiquette law here, but I’ve never been the kind of gal who frets over my age. So if you’re thinking – I can’t believe she is telling the world her age – consider the digital age we live in. Birthdays are posted on social media networks everywhere and recorded in public records galore. If someone is really that curious about you then they can find your age pretty easily.

I know I’ve broken the etiquette rules in the past by asking people their age. It’s not that I’m trying to be rude; I just don’t consider it a taboo subject, so sometimes I speak before I think. I know it offends some people – so I’m trying to do better, but it’s difficult for me because each day of life is a celebration! I think we should look at growing older as a joy rather than a burden.

That being said, It’s Official – I’m 50!

There were no bells and whistles when the clock turned and my husband and I actually laughed about the time thing last night because with all those leap year days added in we all turn 50 a lot sooner than we realize.

Fifty is a milestone in life; a celebration for me, not a curse. God has blessed me with 50 years on this beautiful creation of His. He drew me to Him through trials and brought me into a life that is filled with the richness of His love. I am so grateful to my Lord for every day.

Meeting the half-century mark does cause one to ponder life – quite a bit actually. I have been thinking a lot about where I’ve been and where I’m going. What God has done and what He is yet to do and who He made me to be, how He has molded me, how I am unique from all His other creations.

I woke up this morning, looked around my room and thought about who I am and the journey I’m on. Here are just a few completely random things that came to my mind:

Blue jeans are still my favorite apparel to slip on each day. And no – I don’t buy them like this. I wear them until they are completely worn out and I only own about 3 pair at a time. I hope this is how my life will be in the end. I want to keep serving and loving until “I’m plum wore out,” as gramma use to say.

I have the same love of color and artistic flare that I had when I started art school. I reflect often on God as the Master Artist and I treasure His works above all others.

Barefoot has been and I think forever will be my favorite foot fashion. Sometimes I will refuse to put socks on even when my feet are cold and my husband teases me every time I stub a toe.

My little toe is crooked and turned under. It is an odd thing to share I know, but it is a hereditary thing that I see daily and it reminds me of my roots. How thankful I am for the faith and prayers of my ancestors.

I am on my 3rd study Bible. The first one was a simple little King James with a snap cover. It was all I could afford when I came to Christ, but it got me through some of the roughest days of my life as I learned about the love of Jesus and the God who created me to be His. When I desired to dig deeper I purchased my pretty pink NIV Life Application Bible. I painted the cover when it began to wear out. The third I’ve only had a couple years; the NASB Key Word Study Bible. Each of them is a treasured possession, all marked with highlights and notations as the Lord guided me through that period of my life.

I’ve recorded thousands of words. Thoughts, lessons and prayers; all about life and the One who grants it. Yearly journals and study books full of words…and that doesn’t even include my years of blogging.

Even in this technological age, pen and paper are still my favored medium and paper bound books are still winning my heart over electronic readers.

And the journey continues. The Life God gives is amazing. To Him I say, Thank You for 50 years!

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