“Up” Cycled Drawers

From a too short and unusable vanity desk to a cute stack of drawers. This week I added more storage to my studio. A project too long in the waiting.

I love antiques and vintage, but I’m not a serious collector. I don’t look for things with resale value, but rather the things that often get pushed aside or sold at garage sales for under $10 – like this cute vanity desk I nabbed several years ago.

My husband finally set his foot down and advised me it had to leave its corner in his workshop. He actually sat it in the driveway and said, “Get busy or take it to the curb.” No ill feelings mind you; he has tolerated it in his space now for about 3 years. It motivated me, because there was no way I was hauling it to the curb! I did of course enlist his help.

I forgot to photograph it before we removed the top section, but you can see where it was attached. My fear was that the old wood would break when we tried to remove the nails, but all went well.

My original intention was to repaint this little desk as it was, but I couldn’t find a good use for it in our home. I wanted the drawers for storage, but needed something with a smaller footprint. I think he thought I was crazy when I asked him to help me cut it up, but that is nothing new. He is used to my strange brainstorms after our many years of marriage.

Last week I sanded and joined the stack with wood dowels and construction glue. Then I primed the entire unit with a good stain blocker. Yesterday I painted it a light cream color and waxed all the wood drawer glides. I plan to antique it and still have to decide what color I want to paint the knobs, but at least for now it has a new home in my studio and I love it!

I saved the decorative pieces from the center of the desk. I hope to turn these into wall shelving soon.

4 thoughts on ““Up” Cycled Drawers”

  1. Looks awesome! So it’s all attached in one tall tower? Can the pieces be removed to make it easier to move later? I LOVE the little open area between the legs which is a perfect place to hold a little treasure! Safe but still open to view… 🙂

    1. Thanks! I did not attach the upper small drawers to the larger drawers. Decided to keep them as two units to be more versatile. This way I can arrange them differently if needed. Yes, I love the space between. Am hoping to find a paper basket to fit there.

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