Vintage Craft Box

So excited about my new craft box! I’ve always loved those cute vintage suitcase boxes you see in all the craft and decorating stores. Love those boxes – not the prices. No matter how much I loved a box I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the price.

If you are a stay-at-home mom you will be familiar with this routine; you spy it, you pick it up, turn it over, look it over, hesitantly look for the price tag – gasp under your breath – and then put it back on the shelf because groceries are more important than frivolous wants.

Then one day while wandering the craft store I found this little paper mache suitcase. I went through the same routine but the gasp was replaced with wonder. Could I do it? Will it hold up? Why not! I decided to go for it.

It sat on my “to do” shelf for months, but this week I finally started collaging some favorite papers, quotes and scriptures on all sides.

Then I painted the edges and added some gold leafing.

Finally, I Mod Podged the entire surface area. It’s not quite finished yet. I’m hoping to add some antiquing so the brush strokes will be more visible.

The theme is creativity; painting, drawing, crafing, writing, sewing and of course a tribute to the Master Creator!

I also added a few vintage stickers. I adore the little handle and latches. And if they don’t hold up then I figure I can add a new handle with more reinforcement.

The next project is to create dividers for the inside. The plan is to use this to carry my small crafting supplies. Basic items I use all the time, like scissors, pens, pencils, adhesives and miscellaneous embellishments. Still planning the inside design, but will post more photos when it’s complete. Check out the inside here.

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