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The White Squirrel


My husband first spotted this little guy on Easter Sunday while the grandkids were having their egg hunt. This is the second time we have had a white squirrel live in our yard. While working in the garden the past few days I have been able to get a few photographs.

This morning I sat in the yard hoping to get a better close-up, but he isn’t that trusting yet. As I watched him bounce from limb to limb and do his acrobatics I wondered at the mystery of his survival.


As you can see, he stands out nice and bright – not camouflaged like his playmate. He certainly would be easy to spot by hungry birds of prey. I wonder if our Creator puts any special wisdom in this little creature. Does he know he is white and bright and at risk? Is his little life more difficult because he shines so?

Amazing how one white squirrel can lead my mind so many places in the early moments of a morning.

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